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About MGB Consulting

MGB Consulting is an international business consulting firm that specializes in helping companies and teams thrive in a rapidly changing economy and technology landscape.

MGB Consulting is an innovative and accomplished international business consulting firm. We build strong companies, and great teams that stand the test of time and thrive in a bright future. We understand the unique demands inherent in keeping up with fast-paced technologies and rapidly changing economies, and we equip our clients with the advanced strategies to face any obstacle and make precise decisions when it matters most. Whatever is on the line, we are your trusted advisor and we have your back. When you call us with a problem that needs to be solved immediately, or an opportunity you just can’t miss out on, we are there, ready to hit the ground running. Most situations that are new to you, we’ve dealt with successfully on more than one occasion, so we can deliver the results you desire. We are based in Pennsylvania, USA, with offices in Dubai and are serving clients worldwide.

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About Our Founder

The company’s founder, Ramin Mehrganpour, is an accomplished international business consultant and a skilled life coach who has been instrumental in the development of over 100 people in his career.

His understanding of human behavior and people’s needs has helped numerous individuals achieve their personal and professional goals.

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Navigating the Rapidly Changing Business Landscape with

Strategic Planning and a Culture of Innovation


Identify the challenges.


Conduct research and gather data.


Develop a strategic plan.


Implement the strategic plan.


Continuously monitor progress.


Develop a culture of innovation.

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